By In Phase Staff Reports

According to The Lebanon Democrat, Lebanon High School, in Lebanon, Tennessee,  has been placed on lockdown.

Lebanon High School

Police are describing the situation as a “soft lockdown”, saying that it is due to threats which were made via Twitter  from an unknown source Friday morning.

School administrators have said that the lockdown went into effect at approximately 1:15pm. Wilson County Director of Schools Mike Davis reportedly stated that the Twitter post said, “they were going to shoot the place up.”

The lockdown comes after sources say that school resources officers have been investigating a series of similar threats over the last couple of weeks. According to Lebanon police Chief Scott Bowen, Friday’s threat was more specific and detailed, thus the decision for the lockdown.

The “soft lockdown” status, according to school officials, prohibits anyone from entering or leaving the school, while still allowing students and faculty to move about in a normal fashion within the building.

Wilson County Sheriff’s deputies and Lebanon police are investigating the situation and are on the scene.

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